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“NO” Annual Tool Update Fees – FREE

SAVE FROM $99 TO $450 PER YEAR.  Why you ask, is our policy of "No Annual Tool Update Fees…ever" so unlike our competition who charge from $99-$450 per year.  First, our p...

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COME TALK TO OUR EXPERTS ABOUT OUR 2 SENSOR PROGRAMMABLE TPMS SOLUTION   Feb 8    Keystone Big Show- Midwest Feb 10  MidWest Dealer Fair Feb 12  MidWest Dealer Fair Feb 1...

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How it works




We have just one goal… to be "The Simple TPMS Solution" . Our tool is very simple to use, and most master the 4 primary functions (Scan/Trigger, Clone A Live Sensor, Clone A Dead Sensor, & Create a OE Replacement Sensor) in just minutes. Nothing is simpler than a 2 sensor solution that covers over 90% of all 164 OE sensors, both in inventory management and investment. The ability for our tool to clone the OE sensor allows you to avoid the time consuming ReLearn procedure. Finally, when our video training series is completed, nothing could be simpler to learn.


Coverage – 95% VIO

Shipping Today… And Documented. You would think, reading TPMS ads and press releases, that every TPMS company covers over 92% (of all sensors) which is over 95% of all VIO (Vehicles In Operation) which are on the road.  We hope you will appreciate that we document our coverage, and provide you with a data list […]

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Our Training Platform

Videos – Webinars – Structured Classes – Open Forums . When you make a purchase decision for your TPMS solution, Training should be high on your list of features.  It should be obvious, to anyone looking around our website, that we have made a serious commitment to training.  As simple as our product is to […]

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New Starter Kit – Tool Cost Just $99

Participating distributors are now offering our new P220SK6* starter kit with a reduced tool cost of just $99 plus the regular customer cost of 12 sensors (it includes 8 P315a and 4 P433a sensors).  This is the perfect stater kit for any size retail tire store, a savings of over $200 if the tool were […]

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Eliminate Re-Learn’s

The elephant in the room.  If there is a single tipping point, a single reason to buy into this new TPMS technology of a 2 sensor programmable PilotTPMS solution, it is the ability to clone a live or dead OE sensor and the money saved by avoiding relearn procedures when replacing the cloned sensor in […]

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