Tools And OBD2

P190 OBDII Module (Beta Units Available Now, General Release Summer ’14)

It is rare for our company, to announce a new product, that is 6 months away.  Far to many TPMS companies make a habit of this and we have always restrained our new product releases until 2 months prior to our availability to ship.  This exciting new product is an exception for several reasons.  First, […]

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P220 Sensor Programmer And TPMS Relearn Tool (In Stock Now)

The NEW P220 is identical in functions to the P200 but adds  electronics and port for use with a future release of our OBDII module. This gives extra value to our customers who are looking for a full featured TPMS tool with OBDII relearn capabilities.  The module is not required for normal sensor program functions […]

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The P200 Sensor Programmer Tool (2013 Model)

The P200 is the key to our “Simple TPMS Solution”.  It is pound of pound, dollar for dollar, the best value in the TPMS industry.  It is so simple, it only has 6 half pages of instructions.  If we hear one thing over and over, it is that everyone understands how simple it is for […]

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